Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Unity Week

Sometimes it is the small things that matter. Today was a day off (unusual event for retired priests) so we were in Winchester. I helped out at Holy Trinity for some years during their long interregnum, and they have given me the privilege of parking there; very helpful, parking is expensive and difficult in the City.otherwise. We were able to catch up with Fr Jones (the House for Duty Priest there) and a few others who had been at the mid-morning eucharist. Even without the benefit of parking, I think it is very important to maintain old friendships. So often there seems to be sourness between Anglicans who have decided to stay on and those of us who have responded to Anglicanorum Coetibus. There is no rancour where Holy Trinity is concerned, though, and some of them have joined us on occasion for Evensong and Benediction. There are many in the catholic movement in the Church of England who have decided that their place, at least for the present, is in that communion. In this week above all others we should be praying for one another on either side of the Tiber, and keeping our friendships in good order.

Perhaps for us the most important place to sustain our friendships is WALSINGHAM. Here are the Administrator of the Anglican Shrine, Bishop Lindsay Urwin, and our Ordinary, Mgr Keith Newton, at the Ordinariate's Pilgrimage. Members of our Mission are meeting this Sunday to firm up our plans for this Summer's Walsingham event.

Then, quite by chance, Jane and I renewed another friendship today. We were having a pub lunch in Winchester when Fr James Bradley appeared. He is very briefly in England for his Grandmother's funeral. He should have flown back to Washington today but flights were cancelled because of snowstorms on the East Coast of the USA. Good to catch up with him briefly and exchange news of the Ordinariates on either side of the Atlantic. The picture is an old one, I fear - in reality he looks younger and fitter than ever. Another very happy meeting in Unity Week.


  1. Friendships must be kept open; some of us can't yet take the step into the Ordinariate but it doesn't stop us being interested and concerned for our brethren who have nor does it stop us from keeping each other in our prayers

    1. Thanks,Fr Mervyn; and this morning I offered Mass in New Milton and tried to help the congregation understand some of the pressures on Anglican clergy at this time. You are very much in our prayers - and I know we will be in yours.