Sunday 17 August 2014

Dashwood's Birds

 A tern with a view

After Mass this morning Jane and I went to Ringwood to take some of our Ordinariate publicity material to Fr Tony Pennicott's church (his is in the farthest-flung part of our Avon/Stour district). We had a little lunch in the town, then set about finding one of the Hampshire Open Studios which are taking place during the next fortnight. A narrow lane led us eventually up a hill to Geoffrey Dashwood's gallery. It is next to his house, set in a garden with spectacular views across the North Hampshire countryside. It is the ideal setting for some of his larger bird sculptures. We had seen some of his work, and heard him speak, when he hd an exhibition in the Museum and Aft Gallery in Lymington.

Some Owl!
Monumental is the right word for some of his bronzes. Yet he also has very small birds too - the trouble isthat none of that none of the prices are very small.  It would be lovely to have a Grebe or an Owl of his dominating the garden - but without a spare £20k or so I fear it is unlikely we shall get one. Instead today provided an opportunity for seeing some of his creations in his garden. If you search for Geoffrey Dashwood, Sculptor, on line, you will find many more pictures of his work, and details of one of his pieces at present on display at Hatfield House. His gallery near Ringwood  is also open for one more weekend this month.

Some birds in the Gallery

It had been a good morning in Iford - everyone was ready to volunteer to distribute invitations to our Open Day  - our part of "Called to be One" on September 6th . We also tried to find out how many will be going to Westminster Cathedral for September 20th. Unfortunately the cost of travel makes it impossible for many - even with a senior railcard it will be about £40 a head if you include getting to the station, parking, and using the tube in London. And that's before buying a meal! For all that we hope a dozen of us might make it. That's a decent number from our small membership, and everyone will have already given up a day on September 6th to welcome visitors to St Thomas More.

If you should be in the Bournemouth vicinity, you will be very welcome at that Open Day. It begins with an Organ Recital (on the splendid instrument we bought when we first joined the Ordinariate - and are still paying for!). That's from 1.15 until 2 p.m. The church is open through the afternoon, and there will be Sung Evensong and Benediction at 3.30, followed by tea and cakes in the hall. Best of all, it is FREE! The church is in Exton Road, a suburban street near the river in Iford: if you's satnav just put in the postcode: BH5 5QG.  If you can't make it, please pray for us, and for all the other forty or so Groups which are holding events on the same day (details on the Ordinariate Website).

Great bird in a great setting