Saturday, 4 January 2014

Start as you mean to carry on...

A good beginning to the New Year, despite floods which have made us send for blueprints for an ark. Jane decided it was time we threw a party for our Ordinariate Group, and today around twenty of them made the trek to Lymington.

It was a little snug in our retired Council House, but by spilling across the two ground floor rooms and out into the conservatory everyone found a seat (even if it was on the floor) - and a drink - and some food.

The rain rattled down on the Conservatory, but we managed to get the whole house pretty warm. Next weekend will be a different occasion because our Ordinary is visiting to talk about future options for our Bournemouth Mission.
Jane enjoys people-watching on these occasions, seeing who is talking to whom, and where people perch to eat. It is a huge amount of work for her, preparing so much food, but she seems to enjoy it, and every one appears glad of an opportunity for a non-church setting for a social event.

The pictures are un-photoshopped, unedited and pretty amateur but they give some idea of today's get-together. Now I must gather my wits for my fist visit to St Thomas More, Iford, tomorrow where our Fr Darryl in now in charge.

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