Monday 9 March 2015


This weekend Mgr Keith Newton was with us to inaugurate Fr Darryl's ministry as Pastor to the Bournemouth Ordinariate Mission. He preached on the Epistle - 'not many wise, not many mighty' - then we all joined in a very happy lunch party.

Here he is seen talking with John and Jan Hares, who came to us from the Reading Group earlier this year.
You may notice an intruder in the front of the photo; he is the last of the Chicco BOMs, all the others having been bought. Tracey's inspired knitting of these egg-cosies will have added more than £50 to the Torbay Ordinariate Appeal.

Here Mgr Keith is speaking with Mary Taylor after Mass. Among other things Mary is our safe-guarding officer - a task she also undertakes in her daily work which involves organising the fostering of children in the Bournemouth area. Mgr Keith is modelling the Lenten Vestments recently bought by the Mission, and known affectionately as the Cadbury's Dairy Milk set.

As always the bring-and-share lunch was a huge success. Almost everyone who was at Mass contributed to the party, so that there was enough food left over to fill the proverbial twelve baskets.

Mgr Keith insisted on having a photo with our youngest members (and our largest family group) children of Sherlyn and Dennis.
Mgr Keith and the Rowlands

The First shall be last

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