Sunday 1 March 2015

Chico Bom

Chico says 'Hi'.
Fear not, the marbles are still in place. Thought, though, that you should meet Chico Bom. He is the creation of  Tracey, one of our Bournemouth Ordinariate Mission. A couple of  weeks ago we handed out leaflets from the Torbay Group, appealing for help in purchasing a former Methodist Church for the Ordinariate. Now Tracey had originally come into the Church of England from Methodism, so she felt a special need to do something this Lent to raise some funds for that Appeal. So this morning after Mass we were introduced to Chico (I suspect like the Marx Brother of that name his REAL name is Leonard, but we can't be sure - he is not saying.) Tracey allowed me to bring Chico, her prototype Easter Egg Cosy, back home with me. As you see he helped write this blog. He has spent the rest of today getting acclimatised and meeting some of the flora and fauna of Lymington.

At first he found Wol our Lancastrian owl, a bit intimidating, but give them time and they
Chico and Wol
will surely get along. I have a feeling that Chco is going to appear from time to time on Facebook, but my valued readers on this blog deserve the first sight of him. Chiefly because we would like others to go and take up the challenge from Tracey. She is busy knitting her fingers to the bone in order to create many brothers and sisters for Chico. All the money she raises from their sale (the asking price is only £1.50, and his woolly exterior hides a genuine chocolate cream egg, so we look for generous donations) will go to the Torbay Ordinariate's appeal.. We hope other Groups might be inspired to do their own fund-raising best for the Torbay Group.

I you would like to find out more, log on to the Torbay Group's page, or write to their Pastor, Fr David Lashbrooke, St Agatha's Presbytery,27 Exeter Road,Dawlish, EX7 0BU

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