Wednesday 8 August 2018

An Ordinariate Day

With our Pastor, Fr Keith Robinson, away I have been holding the fort for a few days. This morning with my wife Jane and I went to Braemar Lodge, a residential home just about half a mile away, to conduct their monthly ecumenical service.
Braemar Lodge
We took the Transfiguration as the theme, and used some familiar passages from the Book of Common Prayer. So we began with the Collect for Purity (from the beginning of the Eucharistic Rite - also in the Ordinariate Use) and concluded with the General Thanksgiving. We also prayed the 'Hail Mary' together. I had printed these on a single sheet, along with a few verses of two hymns; "'Tis good Lord, to be here" and "Now  thank we all our God".  Jane read the Lukan version of the Transfiguration, and many of the residents and staff who were present joined in prayers and hymns with enthusiasm. It is good for the Ordinariate to be able to use its experience of both Anglican and Catholic worship to bring together.well-remembered prayers from both traditions
Then this evening I said Mass according to the Ordinariate Use in the little Pugin church of St Osmund in Salisbury. As usual, there were a few members of the Parish who joined us. We commemorated St Dominic, and prayed for the Dominican Sisters at Sway. They were particularly supportive of us in the Ordinariate when I lived near them in Lymington. Altogether a very good and happy day.

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  1. I had printed these on a single sheet, along with a few verses of two hymns.
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