Thursday 11 February 2016

Food for Thought

The first child said Shrove Tuesday was about pancakes. The second thought that Ash Wednesday had that name because we eat Hash on that day.

That's about the limit of popular understanding of Christian Festivals and Fasts in England today. Just occasions for eating particular foods. So the shops are full of Easter Eggs just now -   if you wait until Easter they will probably be half price since no one will want them then. Hot Cross buns you can get at any time. The eating bonanza above all others is of course Christmas; when throughout the time leading up to Dec 25th you can get special restaurant meals - unavailable after that date.

So today, when she was offered special cut-price chocolate and replied. "Sorry - I've given up chocolate for Lent" she who is generally obeyed was quite pleased when the assistant paused and said "Lent? That's something to do with Easter isn't it?" At least he seemed to have more of a clue than the Anglican diocese of Leicester, who appear to think Ash Wednesday is 'cup cake day'. Maybe evidence that the Church of England really is the fruit-cake church. Happy Chinese New Year!

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