Friday 18 April 2014

Back to the Future II

After a Lenten fast from blogging, here's an update on our Bournemouth Ordinariate. When I last blogged we were having misgivings about a projected move from the church where we have made our home for three years (Our Lady Queen of Peace, Southbourne - OLQP). Our new hosts are the parish of St Thomas More (STM) in Iford, where they are only just getting used to having on Ordinariate priest as their Parish Priest. How would things work out?

Happily, most of the problems we foresaw have already been resolved. Four of us were invited to a meeting of the Parish Council at STM, where everyone was very understanding of pur predicament and made us very welcome. Throughout our time in the Ordinariate an image of Our Lady of Walsingham has resided on a bracket at the back of church. It has been our custom at the end od Mass to turn to face it and sing the Angelus.There is already a similar but smaller image in STM. Would they find a place for ours? In fact they are offeringbus a prominent setting where we shall also be able to place a candle-stand

Then again we have the Organ which we are purchasing. Although final details have to be decided about the exact situation for the console we are assured a place will be found for it.

More important than these matters though hase been our worry that people?might be lost to us through the move.  There are several local Catholics who have worshipped with us - most of them have said they will continue, but we had worries for one ot two older people who walk to church. Now several friends have offered lifts so that worry is removed.

There have also been a few of our Ordinariate members who have found the idea of the move difficult. Most of us are going to do our best to make it work, though there are still three who have decided to worship in other Catholic churches. We will be very sorry not to have them with us, and I know they have had others pleading with them to reconsider. On a more cheerful note, we have heard of a couple in another Group who are moving to Bournemouth and who are likely to join us.

Over our years together we have lost two members through death, another two have moved away after University. Overall though we have grown a little with new members joining us. We believe that the church of St Thomas More with its Ordinariate parish priest will give us a great opportunity for becoming what Pope Benedict firt intended - a Mission, welcoming former Anglicans and others who are seeking reconciliation with the See of Peter

Right now we are heavily involved at both chuches, and are keeping Holy Week with them. Fr Brian preached movingly at the Maundy Mass, and Fr Gerry has very kindly invited me to preach at the Easter Vigil in his church. Later in the day we join STM for the 9.30 am Mass.

Looking forward we hope Mgr Keith willbe able to come to St Thomas More's for the 9.30 am Mass on May 11th If he and Fr Darryl are happy with the idea we hope we might join the congregation there that morning, so that together with our Ordinary we can give the people of Iford a better idea of just what the Ordinariate is. Pope Benedict had a great vision for creating a bridge by which Anglicans might share in the fullness of the Catholic Church, bringing with their special gifts and charisms - their 'PATRIMONY' as he termed it

It looks as though our first Sunday in  Iford will be  on the Feast of Pentecost, June 8th. Service times have yet to be finalised. They will be published on the Bournemouth page of the Ordinariate website, but it's likely we shall have Mass at 11.15 on Sundays and 10.30 on Wednesdays.

Please continue to pray for the Ordinariate, that it may fulfill the Holy Father's vision for us


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