Monday 9 December 2013

Two Ordinations

So here they are, the two candidates; on the left, Fr Darryl Jordan of the Ordinariate, listening intently to Bishop Philip during the Ordination in Portsmouth Cathedral on Advent II - and with him, Fr Peter Kelly, now a Diocesan Deacon. It was a splendid occasion, with the choir in top form. We entered to 'Our' hymn. 'Praise to the Holiest'.'Come, Creator Spirit, Credo, Sanctus, Pater Noster and Agnus were all sung in Latin. Thanks to Madeleine's organisation (and her three-line whip) a coach load of the Ordinariate and friends attended to support Fr Darryl with their prayers; and most of them have said they will be at St Thomas More this evening for his First Mass as a Catholic priest.

I am sorry the pictures are a bit fuzzy (blame the incense). Here Fr Darryl is hiding modestly behind his daughter, and beside her Darryl's wife Lisa,who read one of the lessons. They also brought up the chalice and paten from the congregation, to be presented to the new Priest. On the left, Bishop Philip Egan of Portsmouth and on the right Mgr Keith Newton, our Ordinary, It was especially good that Bishop Philip had Darryl making his oath of obedience directly to our Ordinary, Mgr Keith, rather than kneeling before Bishop Philip himself.

Father Darryl will be on loan to the Diocese of Portsmouth, having been given responsibility (and a house) at St Thomas More in Iford. Fr Vitalis, who is moving on to a parish on the north of Portsmouth, joined me in vesting the new priest in his chasuble. These are small things, but they indicate how the Ordinariate is increasingly seen as a perfectly natural development within the Catholic Church and not as some odd idea of Pope Benedict's.

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