Friday, 6 June 2014


The House at Frogmore: much altered through the years

 Frogmore, an 18th Century house in Windsor Great Park, is open to the public for charity just a few times a year. We went when it was the Leprosy Mission benefitting; an old Anglican friend (she was a girl in my second curacy parish!) took us as her guests. It was one of those will-it won't it days, with heavy showers. For all that we managed a picnic.
A day for brollies

The house is where Queen Victoria deposited her mother, the Duchess of Kent, once she had ascended the throne. No longer would the Duchess have any say in her daughter's behaviour. It is quite near Windsor Castle; but then, Victoria preferred Balmoral, or Osborne, or Buckingham Palace - though in her long widowhood she became the Widow of Windsor.

I only knew of the place as the setting for the Mausoleum containing the mortal remains of Albert and Victoria.
In fact we discovered TWO Mausolea, and I am not quite sure who is in the smaller one. Just for your interest I shall try to post pictures of both of them.

The rather Greek temple where V&A lie

Here on the left is the grander of the two, guarded by one of the Royal servants who abounded around the house and gardens to ensure that we behaved.

The other Mausoleum, dedicated to a Mater Dilectissima

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